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Pest Control for you home and familySafe Comprehensive Pest Control Services

We provide pest control services in West Palm Beach, Jupiter and surrounding communities in south Florida in addition to The Villages, Belleview and surrounding communities in central Florida.  If you live or have a commercial building in or near these locations we can safely solve your pest control problem. Our goal is to provide friendly effective and reliable pest control services for single family, multi-family residential customers and, commercial enterprises.  


Safety first - We use materials that are effective and safe for your family, pets and the environment.  Our technician are experienced and well trained. 

What our pest control customers are saying:  

"Your representative for Bates, JEREMY, is excellent, honest and cares about our problem. He listens, reassures us and goes about doing his work. You have a wonderful young man in your Company."  Rosemary L.

"I wanted to let you know that the technician you sent to my house to spray for bugs was wonderful. He took the time to listen to me and offered solutions. He was not in and out like most are. He did a wonderful job. I think people need to be complimented more often. He also told me he would be the technician to come all the time, I would like that."  Sandy F. Read more.....

Pest Control Bates Exterminating Bob Bates
Why choose Bates Exterminating to solve your pest problem?

  • Experienced – over 25 years service our communities
  • Family owned & operated
  • Thousands of customers serviced
  • Family and pet safe effective solutions
  • Free onsite pest inspection and cost estimate
  • Licensed & Insured – No worries we are qualified and covered
  • Friendly, polite, considerate and professional technicians
  • Quality conscious – we want the job done to your satisfaction

About Us

Bates Exterminating has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1978.  Bob Bates still oversees operations and spends time in the field visiting customer, doing inspections and signing up new customers.  We view our pest control customers as family.  Our success is based on providing the highest quality service and top notch results for our customers.  We work hard every day to be sure our customers are satisfied and happy with our service.

Common pest control problems we solve almost every day

Pest Control at Home Bates Exterminating

Termites | Bed Bugs | Flies | Cockroaches | Fleas & Ticks | Ants & Spiders | Mice & Rats | and more

Pest control outside your home or business

Mosquitoes | Termites | No-see-ums | Ants | Ticks | Fly Control | Fire Ant Control | Bees & Wasps | Cinch Bugs | and more


Wild animal trapping and removal

Raccoons | Squirrels | Opossum | Snakes | and more


Lawn and Shrubs Services

Fertilizer | Weed Control | White Flies | and more   


It’s time to get started by calling Bates Exterminating and:

  1. We’ll schedule an appointment for a Free on-site pest control inspection
  2. We’ll send an experienced technician to investigate and diagnose your pest problem.
  3. Our technician will create an action plan and provide an estimate for the service.
  4. We’ll dispatch a technician to your location to begin work on your pest issue. The process will continue until we’ve solved your problem.
  5. We can also provide regular preventative maintenance to keep your pests away and under control


Call for your free on-site inspection and service estimate today. You can count on Bates Exterminating.

Providing pest control services in the following communities: 

South Florida: West Palm Beach | Jupiter | Palm Beach Gardens | Belleview | The Villages | Stuart | Boynton Beach | Delray Beach | Boca Raton | and Surrounding Communities Call  (800) 774-2651

Central Florida: The Villages | Belleview | Wildwood | Summerfield | and Surrounding Communities Call  (800) 393-4197

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Why Choose Us?

For over three decades, we have been specializing in the removal of termites and bed bugs as well as outstanding lawn care. Contact Bates Exterminating for all of your pest control and lawn care needs in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Delray, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and Central Florida.

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Subterranean Termite Control in Palm Beach Gardens & The Villages, FL

Termites can be the most destructive insect to attack your home or business. They can cause 10s of thousands of dollars in property damage if left unchecked. When it comes to subterranean termite control an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Subterranean termites right at home in Florida

Subterranean termites are a common type of termite in Florida. Bates Exterminating has been helping home and building owners battle termites for over 35 years in Jupiter, FL The Villages, FL and the surrounding areas. We are skilled and experienced in two different and highly effective NO-TENT treatments to eliminate your termite problems.

We offer a free comprehensive on-site termite inspection and a free service estimate. So, if you’re not sure if you have termites give us a call and we can assess the problem free of charge.

Subterranean termite control solutions

free subterranean termite control inspection

One solution to your subterranean termite problem is termite baiting. Here are the steps to getting rid of your termites using the baiting system.

Step 1: Thoroughly inspect the structures and the surround area for evidence of a termite infestation.

Step 2: Place termite monitoring or baiting stations in the ground at regular intervals around your structures.

Step 3: Place bait in the monitoring stations.

Step 4: Bates will inspect the stations regularly to confirm the presence of the termites and their consumption or the bait.

Step 5: Once the termites ingest the bait they are killed and the colony will die off.

Step 6: If the infestation is serious a combination of baiting and chemical treatment may be necessary.

Get help with termite baiting

For more information call Bates Exterminating today.

You can trust Bates Exterminating to provide diligent, safe and professional service until your termite problem is solved.

Call for your free on-site inspection and free no obligation service estimate. We guarantee we can solve your termite problem.

Lawn Mowing Best Practices

Use these lawn mowing best practice for a beautiful lawnLawn Mowing and Maintenance

Lawn mowing best practices are important to maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn. There are a number of mistakes we all make that can compromise. Good mowing practices can improve the density, color and uniformity in addition to decreasing weeds and diseases.
Two of the most important factors are setting your lawn more at the proper height and mowing the grass and proper intervals. It’s important for your grass to remain tall enough to maintain a healthy root system and mowing too frequently may not give your grass enough time to recover. It’s important to remember never cut more than one third of the grass played in any mowing.

Here are some specific lawn mowing factors to consider

  1. Scalping - is the term we use to refer to grass that has been cut too short. This can happen when your lawn has small mounds or small indentations both of which can cause the blades of your lawn more to cut too short. Scalping will injure your grass and compromise its ability to grow and weaken its ability to fight off disease and insects.
  2. Dull mower blades - to maintain a healthy on it’s important that the grass because it cleanly and evenly by maintaining sharp blades on your lawn mower. Doll lawn more blades will rip and shred your grass causing it to look ragged creating stress and weakening its ability to thrive. In Florida we recommend sharpening your lawn more blades 2 to 4 times a year.
  3. Mowing wet turf - mowing your lawn when it’s wet creates a lot of resistance to the lawn more blades compromising the ability to cleanly cut the blades of grass. This will result in a ragged cut of the grass blades. In addition the grass will clump and potentially clog the one more.
  4. Mowing pattern - is important to very your mowing pattern changing from north to south or east to west or mowing on a diagonal. Varying your mowing pattern will allow your grass to stand up straight and looking beautiful.
  5. Mowing new grass - grass grown from seed needs to be given time to grow and mature before mowing. We recommend waiting 3 to 4 weeks before the first mowing of new grass. The lawn more and your foot traffic can damage the young grass if you mow too soon.
  6. Edging and trimming - edging and trimming gives your lawn a beautifully manicured appearance. Edging along sidewalks and driveways and string trimming around trees flowerbeds gives your lawn an appearance your neighbors will envy.
Now you've got the lawn mowing part of you property maintenance down.  Other elements to consider are your lawn, tree & shrub care regular lawn spraying and watering best practices.  We can help with all your outdoor plant care and pest control with 35 years experience we have the know how.