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Bea removal is important when they are a danger to humans.  However, bees are important to the Ecosystem they are important to the ecosystem because they provide pollen to plants, which plants need to grow. However, when a group of bees decides to builds a hive near your home, they can become a danger.

Wasps and Bees can be a major concern because of their stinging capabilities. Bee stings without proper protection can cause serious illness, even if you are not allergic to the sting.

Facts About Bees

They nest in trees, holes or cracks in your home or business, eves and corners, and other places, making them a danger. Bees are known to be aggressive in defending their hives careful handling is critical to avoid injury. Hornets and wasps are more aggressive but bees will attack a potential threat.  This is why it is important not to attempt to deal with a bee problem yourself.  Bees need to be handled carefully with a goal of removing them rather than killing them.  We need our bees to pollinate our plans and trees. 

Bee hives function as a society with workers, drones and one queen. Each bee in the hive serves an important purpose. The queen’s main job is for reproduction and creating more workers and drones. Worker bees gather pollen and nectar to be brought back to the nest, clean and build the honey comb, take care of growing larva and control the hive environment and keep it protected from mammals. Drones are raised to mate with the queen.

Be Removal is for Experts 

In Florida it is not uncommon for hundreds of bees to set up household between the walls of your home, other parts of your house or establish a hive in trees. Trying to tackle a bee problem is better left to Bates Exterminating professionals for safe and efficient handling of the wasps and bees. In addition, if the queen is not destroyed, the bees will only return.

It is best to seek professional help if you find a bee hive.  Most pest control companies have experience in safely removing bees, wasps and hornets from your property.  

Bates Exterminating pest control technicians are experts in bee control solutions.