Pet Friendly & Family Safe Pest Control in Belleview -Jupiter – Florida

At Bates Exterminating, we love our pets. Our family owned business really cares about our customers, their families and their homes. This commitment to family and pet friendly service is very important to us because like you, we are also pet owners.

Protection against fleas, ticks and parasites

pet friendly pest control

Your pets are part of your family. At Bates Exterminating, we know just how important it is to protect your home against parasites and pests.

We take pride in keeping your pets safe and pest free. Many insects, such as fleas and ticks, can harm your pets and make your home uncomfortable to live in. We take pride in protecting your home and pets from these harmful pests.

Just like children, pets are curious and when they find something new, they want to investigate the different sounds and smells in their home.

At Bates Exterminating, we understand that your pets are a major concern. When your pet suffers from an infection, you might think the best solution is to quickly apply medicine as a cure, but many pets suffer from flea and tick infestations causing the infection.

Often, we think of pets only as the furry four-legged variety, but birds, reptiles and fish are common pets as well. Fish, birds and reptiles require special care in advance of insect treatments for pests.

Experienced family and pet friendly pest control

With over 39 years in the pest control service industry, Bates Exterminating has adopted many skills, products and treatments for pest and animal friendly services. We can offer solutions to treat your home for even the toughest pests while keeping your favorite family pets safe.

Our service technicians are all certified by the Department of Agriculture Bureau of Entomology. We also go beyond our required State training and receive additional hours of training yearly. By using the best products on the market and training our staff with the latest pest control industry knowledge and pest control techniques, you can be assured that your family, pets and home is in good hands.

Call Bates Exterminating for safe and effective pest control services for your pets and family.