Lawn Mowing Best Practices in Jupiter – The Villages – Florida

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Lawn mowing best practices are important to maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn. There are a number of mistakes we all make that can compromise. Good mowing practices can improve the density, color and uniformity in addition to decreasing weeds and diseases.
Two of the most important factors are setting your lawn more at the proper height and mowing the grass and proper intervals. It’s important for your grass to remain tall enough to maintain a healthy root system and mowing too frequently may not give your grass enough time to recover. It’s important to remember never cut more than one third of the grass played in any mowing.

Here are some specific lawn mowing factors to consider

  1. Scalping – is the term we use to refer to grass that has been cut too short. This can happen when your lawn has small mounds or small indentations both of which can cause the blades of your lawn more to cut too short. Scalping will injure your grass and compromise its ability to grow and weaken its ability to fight off disease and insects.
  2. Dull mower blades – to maintain a healthy on it’s important that the grass because it cleanly and evenly by maintaining sharp blades on your lawn mower. Doll lawn more blades will rip and shred your grass causing it to look ragged creating stress and weakening its ability to thrive. In Florida we recommend sharpening your lawn more blades 2 to 4 times a year.
  3. Mowing wet turf – mowing your lawn when it’s wet creates a lot of resistance to the lawn more blades compromising the ability to cleanly cut the blades of grass. This will result in a ragged cut of the grass blades. In addition the grass will clump and potentially clog the one more.
  4. Mowing pattern – is important to very your mowing pattern changing from north to south or east to west or mowing on a diagonal. Varying your mowing pattern will allow your grass to stand up straight and looking beautiful.
  5. Mowing new grass – grass grown from seed needs to be given time to grow and mature before mowing. We recommend waiting 3 to 4 weeks before the first mowing of new grass. The lawn more and your foot traffic can damage the young grass if you mow too soon.
  6. Edging and trimming – edging and trimming gives your lawn a beautifully manicured appearance. Edging along sidewalks and driveways and string trimming around trees flowerbeds gives your lawn an appearance your neighbors will envy.
Now you’ve got the lawn mowing part of you property maintenance down.  Other elements to consider are your lawn, tree & shrub care regular lawn spraying and watering best practices.  We can help with all your outdoor plant care and pest control with 35 years experience we have the know how.