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At Bates Exterminating, we understand that the food service industry faces unique challenges to keeping a pest free environment. A quality restaurant pest control program is one of the most important things a commercial kitchen can have and the elimination of pest problems for restaurants is absolutely necessary for the success of the business. The potential for infestations in restaurants is great due to harborage areas and the endless presence of food and water. Flies and other pests contaminate food and food preparation areas and pose serious risks to the health of your employees and customers. In this social world where news travels fast, a single pest sighting in your restaurant can cost you customers and do irreparable damage to your hard-earned reputation.

We create effective restaurant pest control programs

kitchen with restaurant pest control

Bates Exterminating will establish an effective pest control program. Our technicians are trained in the latest pest management techniques that specifically address the requirements to maintain compliance with local health codes and food service inspectors. We take pride in our emphasis for continued education and training for our technicians, so we always stay on the cutting edge of pest management.

We recommend prevention and control in the following areas to keep the restaurant pest-free:

  • Sanitation practice
  • Structural exclusion
  • Harborage elimination
  • Storage practices
  • Dumpster Conditions
  • Cracks that harbor insects
  • Pipes and drains creating moisture problems

It is important to consider the sensitive nature of the restaurant environment when using traditional pest control systems.

We are an industry leader in Integrated Pest Management

Bates Exterminating is recognized as the industry leader in integrated pest management practices, and we bring that level of expertise to all food industry treatments.

Our trained pest and rodent control technicians will thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of your business to determine the source and best solution to the problem.