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Rodent Control Bates Exterminating Rodent control becomes a very important issue when you see a mouse or rat scurrying across the floor in your kitchen or garage. This will conjure up uneasy feelings for most people making it uncomfortable to share your home with these unwelcome guests. Here is some information that will help you understand why these little guys love your house so much.

The word rodent means “to gnaw” and they will if given the chance. Rodent live and thrive in almost every part of the world and as you well know that includes West Palm Beach, Jupiter and The Villages, Florida. 

Rodents determine whether they can fit through a hole by using their whiskers. They are extremely narrow around the middle, which allows them to slip into small holes and cracks that are much smaller than their bodies. Rodents are accustomed to navigating their bodies through tiny openings. If their head fits, their bodies will follow. Mice need a hole only about the size of a dime, and young, slender rodents can zip through an even smaller space.

The best way to guard against having rodents in your house or building is to keep them from getting in.  Rodent exclusion is sealing entry points and removing feces, decomposing mice or rats and other sights of their presence. This eliminates elements that can attract rodents back to our home. 

Why do rodents want to live in my house?

Rodents move in to find a safe and comfortable shelter with food and water. Every structure is a potential bed and breakfast for these furry little creatures. They are very social and tend to infest homes in colonies. Once one rodent is spotted, there are always more because rodents multiply rapidly.

How can you determine if you have some mice or rats in the house?

Droppings of feces are one of the easiest ways to know that you have an infestation. Rodents mark their trail with their urine for other rodents to follow their tracks to food sources. Check the corners in your home for food stashes and nests made by mice or rats. Another way to find out if you have rodents in your home is to look for chewed corners of boxes and wires. If you have a rat or mouse die in your home, the odor can be so bad. Rodents are nocturnal. You will hear them scurrying around at night.

Rat hiding in the kitchen Bates Exterminating Jupiter FL What other problems can rodents cause?

Besides eating our food, rodents cause damage to homes and buildings by burrowing and chewing. They will grow through many types of materials including aluminum, brick and concrete. They also chew through cable and electrical wiring in your walls and attic causing a fire hazard.

Where do they live in my house or building?

Rodents live in wall voids and other hard-to-reach places. Common household rodent nesting locations include upholstered furniture, inside walls, unused drawers, behind appliances and water heaters, upper cupboards and in attics. 

Rodents can do considerable damage to the insulation in walls and attics as they make their nests with chewed wood, insulation materials and pieces of fabric.

Rodents can cause some health and sanitation issues.

Rodents contaminate your home with urine and droppings. More human diseases have originated with rodents than with any other mammal. Rodents can also introduce fleas and ticks into your home.

They are very quiet roommates.

Rodents are instinctively shy and timid.  New things to their environment including snap traps and glue boards are frightening new additions in their space.

There is a solution to your rodent control problem

To keep rodents out of your home, don’t underestimate the size of holes and cracks you see around the exterior of your home. Bates Exterminating professionals are trained to spot rodent conducive areas around your home as well the tiny crevices into which mice and rats can squeeze. In addition to rodent control, we offer rodent exclusion, deodorization and sanitation services.

For the safety of your family call, Bates Exterminating for more information on ridding your home of rodents.

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