Testimonials – Bates Exterminating

At Bates Exterminating, we take great pride in our work and customer satisfaction is our top concern. We strive to provide the highest quality pest control and lawn, tree and shrub care available.

Here’s just a sample of what our customers have to say about our service.

Know I always write you when there are issues. Just got back from trip up North, and everything looks great! Just want Bob to know, yard, grass, plants, all healthy and yard looks impressive.

Ruth A.

WOW #1 Terrific customer service.

Technicians are always friendly and represent the company well. We use the Belleview location. We always refer our friends and family whenver they are faced with a nasty bug situation. Your staff in Jupiter is wonderful and the customer service is excellent.

I wanted to write and let you know.

Sue S.

Dear Mr. Bates,

This is long overdue, we have been meaning to complement you on your staff. Any and all interactions we have had with members of your company has always been a very positive experience. What prompted us to finally write you, was our interaction with William.

We had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with Will last week. Will took the time and initiative to enlighten us to the importance of watering and maintenance of our lawn and garden to insure we have a healthier, longer lasting landscape. We found Will to be an extremely knowledgable, informative and courteous young man and a great asset to your company.

We look forward to continue being customers of your company for many years!

Thank you,

Joan & Paul W., Tamarind Grove

Dear Friends at Bates,

I am enclosing a check to renew my annual contract for another year of service. Decided to send this letter, as I felt 1 wanted to recognize, Al, who has been my service provider. He has always been conscientious, courteous and a pleasure to work with.

That being said, I wanted to acknowledge Al for his compassion and sensitivity. My husband passed away unexpectedly around Thanksgiving. Al came for a service call, but was sure to take time out and talk with me, sharing his condolences and concerns over my husband’s passing. His words were reassuring and kind and unbelievably consoling for me. It is not often that one receives this kind of attention from the service people, yet knowing Al, this is not surprising. I am grateful for his kindness.

If I had any way I could repay him with a bonus, I would certainly nominate him for one. I don’t know how you reward your employees when they have done something unique that deserves some sort of compensation, but in my opinion, Al certainly went above and beyond his usual work day to pay respects to me. Regardless, I wanted you to know this about Al, and I’d like you to share this letter with him. He needs to know how comforting his words were and how taking the time he took, made such a difference to me. So…. thank you Al…. for your humble sensitivity, compassion and encouragement. I am glad to know you and happy that you are one of those special people in the world who takes time out to demonstrate your kind support and compassion to those in need.

Best of blessings,


Dear Sirs,

We have had Bates for 13 or 14 years, and I want to tell you something about my inspection on Monday, Jan. 9th.

I have never seen a more through inspection. I want to compliment your young man, Kevin Hunt.

Thank You,

Marguerite G.

Will came and serviced our property for ants. He was professional and explained what he saw and did. We feel that he is an asset to your company.

Maureen and Don M.

As long term customers of Bates, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We also wanted to say thank you for sending Kevin to us. He is a gentleman, and a hard worker.

Our many friends in Savannah Club also feel the same.


Rose & Vigo

Hi Bob & Staff,

Happy Thanksgiving to loved ones and new loved ones. In October we had our lawn etc, etc. with very good technical man. Please let Jeff know we appreciate his expertise. Holy family pray for us.

Mary and Pat, The Villages

Hi Ruth Ann,

Just wanted to thank Al for doing a great job taking care of my lawn and shrubs for the past several years, many of my neighbors have asked who takes care of my great looking yard, thanks again Al.

Steve S.

Jack just left about 20 min. ago. Verrryyy helpful!!!! He is a professional with a passion. Thank you very much for the quick and exact response to my issues. He gave me suggestions to contribute to the effort of maintaining our lawn to accomplish satisfaction both to my concerns and to your goals. Keep up the great job. Thank you again!!!!!

Terry K.

Dear Carol,

I wanted to let you know that the technician you sent to my house to spray for bugs was wonderful. He took the time to listen to me and offered solutions. He was not in and out like most are. He did a wonderful job. I think people need to be complimented more often. He also told me he would be the technician to come all the time, I would like that.

Sandy F.

We would like to commend Jack Powers for his exemplary service. Jack used to do our lawn and pest control before being promoted. Even then, he would notify us of a broken sprinkler head at our Villages villa when we were living in Orlando so that we wouldn’t have a flood in our yard. Our landscaper had broken the head, but we would not have known about the potential flooding without Jack’s outstanding effort and concern to let us know.

Most recently Jack has helped us with a lawn issue, and a rodent issue at our home. He is extremely responsive, great to deal with and has provided us with good advice and action.

It’s not often that you come across folks like Jack these days. You are lucky to have him and we are thankful that he’s our local representative.

Thank you,

John & Darlene
The Villages, FL

This letter is to let you know how pleased we are with one of your Techs’ named William who services our lawn needs. He knows his business, but what stands out about Williams is he is always courteous, kind, polite and patient with us old people. He is informative … he tells us about our lawn and what we need to do until his next visit (altho, doubt if we do it).

I want to thank Bates for giving opportunities to dependable young workers like William. Now days it seems that older workers don’t want to help or give younger employees a hand at learning a new job.

We are in the Villages 15 years and have tried several lawn companies, even Massey but so far, none compares with Bates. I am glad we have Bates, and I hope you will tell him so for us.

Thank you,

Harry & Patty
The Villages, FL

We have had a problem with ants for quite a while. Your company has been terrific in trying to solve the problem. Finally, you sent Don over and what a gentleman and what a professional! I’m almost positive he has handled the problem. He explained everything he was doing.

Thank you so very much.


Dear Don,

We want to thank you for all your years of loyal service. It’s exemplary to have a “bug man” with your dedication and positive attitude. We’ve enjoyed our talks and shared experiences, many thanks to you and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Bob & Janice

Your representative for Bates, JEREMY, is excellent, honest and cares about our problem. He listens, reassures us and goes about doing his work. You have a wonderful young man in your Company.

Rosemary L.


Thank you for your kindness to me. As a widow, one of the hardest things is finding people to help that you trust. Thanks for being there.

I called Don W. to please check the sprinklers before we put in new sod. I am very grateful you will be doing bug/weed/spraying along with regular fertilizing. That will be one less worry for me, just knowing it’s taken care of.



Hi Ruth Ann,

I would like to give a big thank you to Al and relay to the boss that Al took the time to call me when I was in Colorado 2 weeks ago to tell me I had a broken sprinkler valve and there was 1 foot of water in my back yard. It was a real water emergency. Al took the time out of his schedule to do this. I feel that is an action by a great employee!

Marianne Sinclair