Pest Control Boynton Beach

A former Civil War major from Port Huron, Michigan Nathan S. Boynton first set eyes on the area that now bears his name. He was so impressed by the natural beauty of what he saw, the year-round sunshine and pristine beaches, that he returned a year later with a group of colonists and built the famous Boynton Beach Hotel to serve as his family’s summer residence.

The first settlers realized that an unlimited assortment of fruits and vegetables thrived in the fertile climate cultivating pineapples, tomatoes, mangos, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes, packing them in crates and shipping them by the ton on the newly built Florida East Coast Railroad to feed hungry Americans across the country. Since that time, Boynton Beach has grown steadily and never looked back. With that growth, pest control in Boynton Beach has become an issue.

Termite Control Boynton Beach

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Bates Exterminating specializes in residential and commercial pest control. We are professionally trained to treat ants, spiders, roaches, termites and bed bugs, among many more pests. However, that’s not all we handle. Our pest control specialists can help with any pest problem you may be experiencing, including termite control in Boynton Beach. You also won’t find a better qualified group of experts anywhere.