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Fruitland Park FL is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida and has continued to grow over the years thanks to a hardworking community and good governance. Just a few years ago, the city had barely 2,000 residents. Now, we have close to 5,000 people living and doing business here.

The city is also widely known for its municipal pool, baseball fields, Skate Park, walking paths, as well as historic lakes and ponds. It’s no wonder tourism continues to flourish here.

Fruitland Park FL  Pest Control ServicesFruitland Park FL City Hall

To help maintain the city’s beauty while improving sanitation and health of our people, Bates Extermination has been offering pest control services to Fruitland Park residents and businesses for the past 39 years. Pests can contaminate food, cause diseases, lower consumer experiences for service providers, can damage products, and are a huge nuisance in general.

At Bates, we can help you deal with them. Some of the pests we control include;


Bees are critical to the survival of the ecosystem. Without them, many plants would not be pollinated. So, we wouldn’t have the nice flowers we see around. Food production would also be affected. But, the same bees can be extremely dangerous to humans. Some people have been killed by these pests. So, if you see bees building a hive near your home, you need to drive them away fast.


Similar to bees, ants are important even to humans. They often feed on our leftover foods and even control the populations of other unpleasant pests like spiders. But, ants can sting. Ants also tend to build mounds randomly; mounds that can be unsightly in the home. The little pests can even invade our food stores! So, they need to be controlled.

Wild animals

Florida is home to a wide range of wild animals including squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and rodents such as rats, to name just a few. We all love these animals because they make our city even more beautiful. But seeing them crisscrossing our compounds and even entering our houses? No one wants that.


If you’ve never been attacked by bedbugs, you’re incredibly lucky. These are some of the nastiest pests we deal with at Bates Exterminating. Bedbugs actually feed on animals so if they invade your home, they will expect to feed on you and your family. Worse still, they live in colonies of thousands and are extremely difficult to spot.  


Finally, we also control cockroaches. Cockroaches will usually first appear in the kitchen though as their population grows they can quickly spread to other areas of the home.

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