North Palm Beach Pest Control

If you love the sun, North Palm beaches is the best place to live. It is a village at Palm Beaches County, Florida. It is small yet attractive for the tourists. The location has the most exotic creatures as well. People of North palm Beaches are also aware of the pest there.

Since 1978, Bates Exterminating is a pest controlling family serving the whole Florida with their best services. Bates Exterminating is specialized in getting rid of bugs, Termite Control, Bee Removal, Bed Bugs Control, Weed Control, Rodent Control and many more!

Contact Bates Exterminating and make your house, completely free of pests. Some of the pests are given below:

Bed Bugs

Their disguising spots are usually in resting cushions, box springs, bed edges, and headboards where they have basic access to people to bite them in the night. The smoothed bodies of bed bugs make it feasible for them to fit into minor spaces, about the width of a charge card. They stow away at the daytime in spots, for example, creases of sleeping pads, box springs, bed outlines, and headboards, dresser tables, inside split or fissure, behind the backdrop, or some other mess or things around a bed.
Bates Exterminating will surely find them and make your house safe from Bed Bugs.

Wild Animals

Here in Florida, following wild animals are in abundance:
• Raccoons
• Opossums
• Iguanas
• Squirrels
• Armadillos
• Moles
• Skunks
• Groundhogs
• Woodchucks
• Birds
• Bats
• Snakes
• Dead Animals
These animals may cause fatal diseases and even death. Bates Exterminating has been cleaning houses from such animals since 1978. Bates Exterminating is the most trustworthy team for pest and wildlife control.


People don’t focus on having pest examinations and are facing termite invasion in their houses without intrusion. They essentially devour upon wood, yet what’s more damage by them is paper, books, and swimming pool liners and filtration structures. Termites can hurt living trees and hedges, however more habitually. But, Bates Exterminating is the only pest control service who can control pests even faster than you think. 


Rodents are a group of irritating pests like mice, rats, and squirrels. These animals can annihilate food, hurt property, and spread diseases. Around the globe, rats and mice spread 35 diseases. These afflictions can be spread to individuals particularly, through contact with rodent excrement, pee, or spit, or through rodent eats. Illnesses passed on by rodents can similarly be spread to individuals by implication, through ticks, bugs or bugs that have sustained on a tainted rodent.
In this way, it is important to dispose of rodents. Regardless of whether there is a mice or a squirrel, it can sully your entire house. Yet, Bates Exterminating won’t let it happen. Contact Bates Exterminating and make your home free of rodents.