Palm Beach Gardens Pest Control

On March 20, 1959, John D. MacArthur, multimillionaire insurance magnate and landowner, announced his plans to develop approximately 4,000 acres of dairy grazing land and provide homes for 55,000 people in a new community. Mr. MacArthur’s chosen name for the city was Palm Beach city. However, permission to use that name was denied, so MacArthur, in keeping with his “garden city” plan, decided to call the city Palm Beach Gardens. He wanted this new city to be a place to realize the American dream.

Mr. MacArthur envisioned the city streets lined with trees and flowers, waterways, rolling terrain, magnificent mature pine and shade trees, and rich foliage. Churches were the first buildings to be built in the city. He wanted to ensure that the city had a variety of houses of worship to serve residents of all faiths.

As development grew and continues to grow, so did the pest problems in Palm Beach Gardens.

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