Pest Control West Palm Beach

Pest Control West Palm Beach – When Henry Morrison Flagler first came here in 1893, he called the West Palm Beach area, “a veritable paradise” and decided to turn Palm Beach into a resort, building a commercial city across the lake for his workers. That worker city would become beautiful West Palm Beach. Everything grew including schools, the farming and sugar businesses, homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels and theaters. West Palm Beach exploded into a new era of progress.

A locally, family owned pest control company, Bates Exterminating has been offering pest control services including, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches and bedbugs for 4 decades. At Bates Exterminating not only do we offer full pest control services, but also lawn, shrub, tree and palm care plus termite treatments servicing both residential and commercial properties. We take great pride in our of the quality service we provide to our customers. Call Bates Exterminating for a pest control, lawn or termite program.

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