Tequesta Pest Control

The Atlantic Coast city Tequesta is famous for its rich treasure coast. It is north of Palm Beach and south of Vero Beach. Basically, Tequesta is renowned for its fishing and water based delights. The climatic conditions of Stuart sometimes cause major issues such as pests. The climate of Tequesta is sometimes very hot which can give birth to pests. Humidity is the best atmosphere for the pests to grow.

Bates Exterminating is the best pest control service, not only in Tequesta but in all of Northern Palm Beach County. Our services never let down our customer’s hopes. We have a team of specialists and experts who investigate and eliminate pests from their roots. Our team use unique gadgets and techniques to get rid of pests in the short time period.

The following are some most found pests:


Ants are the mostly seen insects, with a big head and slender body. Keep your food out for a moment, and it would be caught by ants. They will build houses in the corner of your house. Ants can be even dangerous even, so for avoiding any incident call Bates Exterminating. Our expert team will get rid of these little insects and make your food and house free from ants.


Roaches are considered as the most stubborn insects, that don’t leave your houses easily. They can infect your food, transmit harmful bacteria, and top of the list issue is that roaches can survive even the best-intentioned destruction endeavors. But there is nothing to worry. Bates Exterminating will get rid of roaches by our best techniques and gadgets.


The nearness of bugs and other prey in homes is a typical purpose behind spiders to come inside. Some spiders can be less harmful or completely harmless, but some of them are venomous which can cause severe health issues. For the elimination of spiders, Bates Exterminating proves to be the best technicians.


Their disguising spots are usually in resting cushions, box springs, bed edges, and headboards where they have basic access to people to bite them in the night. They must be researched and executed and Bates Exterminating gives you the help.


Disposing of fleas is essential since it might cause hazardous disease or sicknesses. Our irritation controlling groups search for the place of bug’s introduction to the world. By a careful examination and treatment of insects, your home can secure from such contaminations.


To discard termites, you’ll need to discover the infiltration and use demolition systems like cardboard traps, important nematodes, warmth, and cool to ambush the intrusion. For such treatment, Bates Exterminating can be your best decision.


Rodents are like squirrels and mouse, having sharp teeth. Such pest may cause dangerous diseases like anta-virus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. So eradication of rodents is much needed. Bates Exterminating will be the only pest control service who can control the pest in just a few moments.